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New Digital Media Solutions

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New and Emerging Media

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Good for The Movie Biz..

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Advertise your business at the movies:

Advertise your business at McCandless Crossing Cinemark and other theaters

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Take advantage of The Box Office Numbers; Advertise Your Business At The Movies.

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Ty Law Inducted Into Patriots Hall Of Fame « CBS Boston

Ty Law Inducted Into Patriots Hall Of Fame « CBS Boston

  • Go Quips.. That's How Aliquippa Quips get it DONE!!
  • A Quick Start, Tenacity, a Strong Work Ethic and a Strong Finish!! 
  • Kudos to Ty Law for his recent entry into The Patiots Hall of Fame!
  • Tony Dorsett, Sean Gilbert, Ty Law,  Darrel Revis and others who grew up in the former Steel Town of Aliquippa, PA share a legacy and history of WINNING & SUCCESS!

  1. We work Hard.. Deliver... And Finish.. Like "The Shut Down" Corner Back Ty & Darrell 
  2. This is what you can expect from Entertainment Commuications, LLC : 

  • A Quick Start
  • Marketing & Media Solutions That are Hard to Beat
  • Results Above Your Expectations 
  • Desired Deliverables
  • Successful Campaigns
  • Shut Out the Competition
  • A Strong Finish!

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The new word of mouth 2014.